Studio Legale Cassinelli

The Law Firm

Studio Legale Cassinelli provides legal advice and assistance in the civil and administrative law sectors.

The legal practitioners follow a strict criteria of competence, guaranteeing appropriate know-how in their respective fields, and maximum flexibility in meeting the demands of our clients.

Our team of young and highly motivated lawyers frequently attend refresher courses to ensure cutting-edge quality professional services.

The work at the Law Firm continues to be inspired by the teachings of the founder, Giorgio Alfredo Cassinelli (1926 − 2002), who transmitted the ambition to achieve excellence to his young lawyers, and the desire to pursue liberal principles that the Constitutional Charter poses as the foundation of the state legal order system.

Areas of activity

Banking Law

We have developed extensive expertise in banking law aspects, as we have been a benchmark law firm for many banks and credit institutes over the years, for both litigation (compound interest, usury, NPLs, etc.) and legal advice about the subjects regulated by TUB (Banking Consolidated Act) and TUF (Finance Consolidated Act).

Corporate law and extraordinary corporate transactions

Our legal practitioners assist corporations in extraordinary transactions including mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, corporate and group evaluations, disposals and leasing of business branches.

Bankruptcy law and debt restructuring

We provide advice and assistance on bankruptcy aspects, including insolvency proceedings and debt recovery plans. In this sector, our firm works in collaboration with the practitioners at Studio Rosina e Associati Dottori Commercialisti, combining the various skills and competences to provide 360 degrees assistance to our clients.

Administrative Law

The Law Firm assists public bodies and public entities, as well as companies and private individuals, in all aspects of administrative law, focusing on public tenders, concessions and economic public law.

Public Contract and Tender Law

Our legal practitioners are highly skilled in drawing up public and private tender contracts and have assisted many construction companies and enterprises operating in the real estate sector in relevant operations.

International Commercial Law

We are able to provide assistance in drawing up international commercial contracts and during all phases of negotiations. In particular, we operate extensively on the Latin-American and UAE market with permanent territorial referents.

Intellectual Property Law

We provide assistance and advice on all aspects of protecting and safeguarding of intellectual property, trademarks, patents, utility models, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Information Technology Law

The Law Firm also provides services in the IT sector, focusing on aspects such as privacy, social media policy, electronic licenses and trade agreements, with extensive knowledge of all EU law and regulations applicable to such sectors.


Our practitioners have developed a notable practise in preparing and drafting contracts and in the study of the legal matters related to the negotiation between private individuals.


We provide assistance for civil and commercial disputes, representing our clients during legal proceedings and providing establishment of debt and debt collection services.

Medical responsibility

We have considerable experience in defending victims of medical malpractice and, likewise, defending health practitioners and healthcare facilities facing medical and clinical responsibility charges.

Legal Practitioners

Roberto Cassinelli

Roberto N. Cassinelli

Born in Genoa on 10th December 1956, he graduated in Law at the State University of Milan. He is a member of the Bar Association in Genoa. Disciple of Professor Franco Bonelli, he is a civil lawyer at the Supreme Court. Since 1985 he has been working as legal practitioner and consultant to major enterprises in Italy and abroad. He has acquired a significant knowledge in the sphere of commercial, company, banking and bankruptcy law, also working as arbitrator in the extrajudicial resolution of the disputes. He has held numerous positions as director of the board, auditor, court commissioner and extraordinary commissioner in many companies. He is currently serving as a member of the Chamber of Deputies, integrating the Justice Commission and others. In the XVII legislature he served as Senator of the Italian Republic, and in the XVI legislature he was again a member of the Chamber of Deputies. He has also been a member of the board of the Bar Association in Genoa, of which he is currently an auditor.

Armando Gamalero

Armando Gamalero

Born in Genoa on 8th August 1955, he graduated with honours in Law at the University of Genoa. He is a Member of the Bar Association in Genoa. He is a civil lawyer at the Supreme Court, and specialises in administrative law consulting services, with specific reference to urban planning and construction, public works and tenders, local authorities, expropriations, environment, energy and waste. He acts as counsel for private clients and public authorities.

Michela Rosina

Michela Rosina

Born in Genoa on 6th July 1965, she graduated in Law at the University of Genoa. She is a Member of the Bar Association in Genoa. She specialises in banking litigation, with special regard to the legislation about usury, compound interest and bank contracting. She speaks English and French.

Karim Dahmouni

Karim Dahmouni

Born in Livorno on 10th November 1976, he graduated in Law at the University of Genoa. He is a Member of the Bar Association in Genoa. He is a civil lawyer at the Supreme Court. He has been a legal practitioner since 2003, specialising mainly in mainly in advice about banking law, company law, private international law and contracting. He speaks English, French and Arabic.

Michele Cirenei

Michele Cirenei

Born in Rapallo (GE) on 11th April 1965, he graduated in Law at the University of Genoa. He is a Member of the Bar Association in Genoa. He specialises in insurance claims and credit matters, condominium and lease disputes and legal opinions in addition to executive procedures.

Paolo Mellina Bares

Paolo Mellina Bares

Born in Genoa on 14th April 1975, he graduated in Law at the University of Genoa. He is a Member of the Bar Association in Genoa. He mainly specialises in corporate and commercial law and has gained extensive expertise in all aspects of tender contracts and public works. He speaks fluent French, English and Spanish.


Nicola G. Cassinelli

Born in Genoa on 25th March 1990, he graduated in Law at the University of Genoa presenting a dissertation about company law. He is a member of the Bar Association in Genoa. His activity mainly focuses on company law issues and extraordinary corporate transactions. He also deals with business contracting, business litigation and banking law. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Daniela Giaccardi

Daniela Giaccardi

Born in Savona on 28th January 1967, she graduated in Law at the University of Genoa. She is a Member of the Bar Association in Savona. She has extensive experience in civil and criminal law, and she also deals with the rights of minors.

Camillo Ungari Trasatti

Camillo Ungari Trasatti

Born in Rome on 22nd August 1969, he graduated in Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He is a Member of the Bar Association in Rome. He is a civil lawyer at the Supreme Court, and he was an assistant lecturer in industrial law and private law at the “La Sapienza” University. He is an expert on commercial law and bankruptcy law. He speaks fluent English.

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